Mike Sirianni

A Voice of Hope

Several years ago Ed and I were introduced at a Apostolic conference in Vero Beach Fl. It seemed at that time we had a Divine connection where God was unifying us together in a very special way. 

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I invited Ed to come to High Point and minister at New Day, which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.

The anointing Ed walks in and carries is a tangible anointing that comes from the time he spends giving himself to sit in God's presence. He is a mature minister who has been tested by life's trials, and also ministries' trials, and still has the joy of the Lord with passion and vision for the body of Christ.

Ed is a father, husband and grandfather who has a vested interest in seeing his family walk in the power of Holy Sprit so that a generational blessing would be his legacy and their inheritance. After being around his wife and children, it is completely evident in each of their lives. Ed is married to an amazing woman, Robin, for 31 yrs. Robin is a powerhouse, in her own right, who has dedicated herself in serving the Lord and raising an amazing family. 

I was completely surprised when Ed and Robin made a bold move last year and packed themselves up and moved from Alaska to High Point to follow the leading of God's voice."That's how serious they are in being obedient to God." Needless to say, we have been the recipients of a very special gift.

I watched Ed and Robin, at our church, be a blessing to so many with healing, encouragement and wisdom. Their only desire is to be used by God.

I have asked my Pastoral friends to open their doors and let Ed minister, knowing how important it is to maintain a level of integrity amongst leaders. I have heard these friends share testimony after testimony of the blessing Ed and Robin have been.

As Ed and Robin's Pastor, I would confidently recommend Ed to come to your church, group, or any meeting, to release all that God has richly placed in him. The windows of Heaven will open in that place.

Mike Sirianni, Senior Pastor
New Day - The Church at High Point