Consume the Word of God and let him equip you with wisdom and power to live your life successfully.
We Have to Dare. We Have to Believe.
Ed Kalnins talks about dropping your garment of lack, robing Christ, and the creative prayer.
Strong Hand of the Lord to Tear Down the Warring Spirit
Ed Kalnins talks about bringing strong hand of God to tear down the warring and jezebel spirit.
Mercies - Remember your First Love
Ed Kalnins delivers a Word on Mercies of the Lord - October 4 2020 -
The Open Book
Ed Kalnins delivers a Word on The Open Book February 2020 expounding on a Word He received from the Holy Spirit in October 2019.
Table of the Lord
Ed Kalnins delivers a Word on the Peace Table of the Old Testament as the Table of the Lord. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Visit the Partner site for more.
A Season of the Throne Room Experience
Ed Kalnins received a clear word and experience from the Lord that brings strength and hope to the body of Christ for 2016. the message, “A Season of Throne Room Experience”, is for God people not only to have their sights on going to Heaven, but being a people who have come from heaven; with the power and hope of Heaven. As you listen, your heart will be prepared for your own Throne Room encounter, which then brings transformation around you. Be blessed and receive this powerful impartation.
Receive the "More" today. Consume the Word of God as He equips you with His power to enable you to proclaim His Word successfully. Pursue His face diligently and pursue His presence relentlessly. Believe the promise of His Word. Continue to dwell in Him. Do these things and you WILL “Receive The More”. Enjoy this message...
In this message, Ed Kalnins describes one of the most powerful revelations that a believer can possess. Once this becomes a living reality, a life will know no limits. Grasping this as a lifestyle will place you on a fast track of overcoming whatever you face. Enjoy this message...