Dr. Barry J. Fields

A Voice of Hope

I have known Ed Kalnins for the past 18+ years. We met during the time he was a youth pastor in a church in New Jersey and we had just planted our church The Father’s House. We started out by having church on Friday nights, and so we attended the church where Ed was on Sunday mornings. We shared our vision with Ed and subsequently he began to do everything he could to help us with our new church. He continued to help us during the time he served as the senior pastor of the Wasilla Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska. He served on our church board of directors for 15 years and also made numerous trips from Alaska to come and minister in our church in Pennsylvania and currently serves us as a ministry advisor.

Several years ago Ed had a very powerful encounter with the Lord which changed him and his approach to ministry drastically. He began spending many more hours a day in the Lord’s presence than before. He left his position of senior pastor and began ministering as an independent itinerant. Ed ministers powerfully in a prophetic manner where the preaching of the Word is confirmed with signs and wonders following. He speaks from knowing the Father’s heart. I could go on and on telling about my friend Ed Kalnins, but I think you get the idea concerning his integrity and anointing.

I have had Ed minister in my church countless times in the past and I continue to have him back at least once a year. He always leaves our church in a better Spiritual condition than before he got there.

I very highly recommend Ed Kalnins to you as a person and minister. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me directly at barryfields@tfhcf.org.

Dr. Barry J. Fields , 
Senior pastor of The Father’s House Christian Fellowship 
Easton, Pennsylvania