The WOW Factor of God in Gloversville, NY
Ed Kalnins 01/13/2016
There are no words to describe of our encounter with God at the Healing Room in Gloversville NY accept for “WOW”. We came together for one thing- For the Fathers touch. It was The WOW Factor of God in Gloversville, NY.

As we came together at Bob and Mary Pierce home and began to call upon the name of the Lord and simply surrendered any expectation to what we wanted and experience, The Presence of God increased quickly because of hunger that came from the people. They are all humble and loving. We sensed angels at work as we entered in joy and rest and peace.

What really struck us was the Spirit of Revelation that was being released in the atmosphere. I ministered for over and hour and it felt like 10 minutes. We didn’t want it to end. We felt like we grew to another level of understanding what Gods desires for us to mature in stature of ‘Christ in us the Hope of Glory’. The meeting was recorded and I’ll try to down load it on my web page.

Nothing can replace the Presence of God that night. We left The WOW Factor of God in Gloversville, NY feeling refreshed and confident of the hand of God upon us.

Bob Pierce, Leader of Healing Room, Gloversville, NY states of the meetings…

"We were stunned last evening! It was a smaller than usual group – 14 hungry believers desiring to go to another Level in God. The intimacy with the Father and with one another was immediately tangible but way more than just a “feeling”. Six (6) different groups of the Body of the Son- in spiritual harmony – without trying.

Pastor Ed Kalnins, recently relocated to N.C. from Alaska, at 55 now on a new Leg of a Journey with His Father. Here in our living room, in insignificant Gloversville, NY, opening up a revelatory word that has been sitting idle in the Old Testament and New Testament for thousands of years.

Yes, waiting “for such a time as this”. A four-letter word that cuts through our defiled and devalued Culture – supernaturally moving this small intimate gathering; NO, SHIFTING us into the next Level.
I’m still stunned as I have spent a few hours transcribing Ed’s audio teaching from the Healing Rooms recording I made. . . English words are not adequate to convey what began a “Happening” in and through us.

For those who attended I will be sending you the written Transcript and a link to the Recording – to use as a “soaking” tool. Our natural minds cannot yet grasp where we were taken spiritually last evening! But listening and reading in the quiet time with the Father will align the two! Blessings."