The Least Comprehend Jesus
Ed Kalnins 01/07/2016
It’ll be very difficult for anyone to comprehend Jesus until they know their need for Him. The Least need Jesus in every aspect of life. They’ve come to know all things are possible WITH Him. And to be with Him is to be completely abandon and dependent of all you know and all you have and then run to Him. The least of these are ones who say ‘yes’ to God.

It’s amazing to see in the bible, during the life of Jesus on earth, that the religious leaders and the experts of the Bible failed to comprehend Jesus for who He is- ‘The Messiah Christ’. And the ones who grasped Jesus were the uninformed, the prostitute, the thief, the drunkards, the adulterers, and the revilers. Why? Because they knew their need for Gods mercy and it was discovered in the life of Jesus Christ.

Part of Gods ways to reach any person is by a heightened awareness of needing God and His mercy and love. Realization of lack and inability is proof God is at work. A person can be rich and have everything or poor person and always in need, either way, we all are desperate of needing Jesus Christ fully working in our life.

Someone asked me, “How much is to much in life?” My response, “any amount that takes away your need of God is to much”. Needing Jesus and becoming poor in spirit are signs of growth in your walk with Him. It’s not walking around sulking and depressed and not enjoying life, but its actually life and peace and joy. That individual is drawing on the life of God who is the source of life. They become an actual witness and testimony of Gods goodness.

Are you feeling the need for Jesus? You are in position to comprehend Him.

“Jesus, what else can I do but to lift my hands in surrender. My heart is awakened of the realization of needing more of you. Here am I Lord, permission granted to your work in my life.”