Seattle Glory
Ed Kalnins 05/18/2016
All I can say is- “God is wonderful”.

Had a great three-day meeting with Pastor Steve and Jodi McMullan at Kingdom Praise Church in Seattle ( The region is very beautiful in nature and plush with huge tress. But what makes the land wonderful are the people. This church are a great group of believers who longing is to Love God and Love Others. They lean in for the Presence of God, which made the weekend of meetings with a sense of “God, will you amaze us”.

Our first night together we called out the Name of Jesus and this wave of Joy in His presence came and were laid out laughing in His glory. I witnessed how laughter is a medicine of the soul. People’s eyes and countenance were filled with hope and trust and peace. It was a glorious time with our Father.

The second night of gathering continued in Glory. It felt like a revival meeting of times of refreshing coming from the Presence of God. The first hour was this rest and clam delight then suddenly another wave of Presence which filled us again with Joy. Testimonies were given how Jesus Himself came to them in a dream and how some woke up with songs of worship flooding their souls. We leaned in more for the Lord Jesus to encounter us deeper, higher, wider and longer. And as the testimonies continued faith was in the room for restoration of the Land.

The third gathering was off the charts as the air was so clear to see and know Gods heart for the Land. The worship team tapped into the sound of Heaven that was for the region which lead to Intersession broke for an awakening for all to come into a true knowledge of Jesus Christ. We all entered into the heart of God to take out what we were experiencing in the gatherings into the Region. What God puts in the house had better find a way to leave the house, or it will die in the house. So we prayed for boldness and courage. What a great day.

Pastor Steve and I felt I need to come back shortly. I gained a new friend with the same heart beat and vision.