God Blog-San Diego Account
Ed Kalnins 02/22/2016
Let me begin to say, San Diego is a beautiful city. The people are wonderful and the Mexican food is outstanding.

I’m still on track of what I sense God is saying to the Body of Christ as He sends me to places who’s hearts are ready to hear. The message of “Permission Granted. A Season of Throne Room Encounter” for the next 40 days, has impacted everyone who attended in these meetings. Pastor John and Judy Ross of Cloud 9 Worship Center have stood strong for 40 years in this church and contending for the things of the Spirit in this Region. I was humbled and honored to connect with them as they have great insight, which equipped me further in my journey of this ministry God graced me with.

I’m showing this Prophetic Art, as seen above, which Judy Ross felt to do during these meetings. Judy was one of the first people 40 years ago to start painting Prophetic art in a church service setting way before other ministries such as Bethel Church and Morning Star are currently doing. This painting is showing what God was doing in the Spirit. It’s not completed yet, But message me on my web page of “WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THIS ART?”

The Angel of Wisdom and the strong presence of Revelation was very weighty on us as we entered into greater understanding of our relationship with God. Greater understanding produces greater release because our faith increased to simply ‘attain what Christ has already attained’. As a result, ‘Joy’ broke out as well as this sense of ‘calm confidence’ knowing God is for us, and what sickness can be against us. As a result, healing took place both in the body as well as the soul. It felt like heaven on earth.

As some of you are aware, there’s a beginning stages of awakening going on in San Diego at another meeting just north of where I was. And I think that same atmosphere hit us. God is up to something in this region.
I’m thanking God what He accomplished thru us as lives were touched and the Spirit of Unity had her rest.

Even after what we experienced, there’s still more. This Christian life is never boring.