What God Did…January 10th-Hope Chapel
Ed Kalnins 01/11/2016
Sunday morning meeting was like stepping into a river of liquid gold. Just as I walked thru the doors, I sensed the pleasure of the Lord. During the worship rehearsal we got hit with Joy. It was very easy to minister in Hope Chapel because we all came expecting one thing- The Presence of the Lord and the revelation of the Fathers heart made alive and ready to receive. No religion in this place.

And when the service began, the glory increased as we all with one voice and one heart worshiped our Savior. All thru the time of preaching I felt like a leaf in the current of a river; Just doing my best to flow where the Spirit wanted. Pastor Dave Cramer allowed much freedom to go to places in God. The love of God was so rich that joy broke out and we all became alive in His Presence. People laughing and crying and groaning for God. I sensed the hand of the Lord upon me in such a way we all entered into the pleasures of the Father.

The altar was opened for prayer because of His Presence we had faith for God to touch us. WOW, the hand of the Lord was upon us; healings both the body and soul. Observing the Holy Spirit at work with the word of knowledge and word of wisdom and the discernment of the spirit.

“My prayer with every guest minister is that they would bring a word of wisdom for leadership along with new strategy or confirmation of the course we are currently taking in confirming Gods heart for us. I also look for confirmations and encouragements for members of our flock, specifically for those needing breakthrough and special grace. I also want to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say outside of the message that solidifies who we are as a family and the importance of what God wants to do through us in the community. Ed met all of these objectives and also compassionately ministered to those desiring prayer. Ed was a pleasure to host and a faithful and effective messenger for the kingdom. I’m looking forward to growing in grace and relationship with Ed in the future. Blessings to you Ed and Robin!”

-Pastor Dave Cramer of Hope Chapel