The Greater Progress
Ed Kalnins 01/08/2016
Philippians 1:12 “…that my circumstances have turned out for the greater PROGRESS of the gospel”.

We all go thru tough situations in life. Some of it ‘self-inflicted’ or some circumstances are ‘others- inflicted’. Either way, most of us do not like painful times.

And its those times we begin to question ‘why me’ and ‘what do I need to do to get of it” and then cry out to God to heal us or deliver us from those moments so we can be comfortable once again. Desiring for the turn out of our circumstances would be for the greater progress personal advancement in life or pain free living. And yet we find God, in His Loving-kindness, delivers us out of all trouble because He’s a good Father.

The context of Philippians was written by Apostle Paul while in the circumstance of imprisonment after being beating with rods for preaching the Gospel in signs and wonders and healing. Acts 16:9-40 shows us the chronicle situation that got him in trouble and henceforward writing the letter to the Philippians. Verse 9 states, “Concluding that God has called us to preach the gospel to them” , obeyed Gods direction and will. Less than one week later, we find him a tough spot.

A thing observed in tough situations while in Gods will from this, is Paul did not allow self pity to enter his heart to cry out for deliverance or comfort and self promotion. He fully yielded to one thing, “will this circumstance turn out for the GREATER PROGRESS of the Gospel”? Not for the greater purpose of self or comfort, but the Gospel.

Whenever facing hard ache circumstances there’s an understandable attitude of wanting to be delivered so to be comfortable again; And rightly so. But the challenging question is- will this circumstance turn out for the greater progress of the gospel? God not only want us saved and go to heaven, but also becoming a life of the Gospel. While we go to work, raise a family, attend church and involved in community activities…the exciting question is – how can my my circumstance turn out for the greater progress of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Lets Pray, “My Father, I now come before you and yield. I don’t know if my circumstance was self inflicted or caused by others, I simply ask you, would you reveal your Name? I invite you to turn my circumstance for the greater progress of the Gospel?”