Bytes Of Hope

God showed up and touched us with the FIRE TO VICTORY and the FIRE OF REKINDLING. Testimonies from this meeting are coming daily how their life was affected from that day. May you receive that same touch.


In this short clip, Ed Kalnins draws out a very important truth of our journey with God that draws people in a experience of exponential growth in faith. Listen in and have a byte.


COMPLETE FORGIVENESS. In this 9min clip, you’ll discover that we are forgiven by God, because sin is dealt with through Jesus Christ, nailing Himself on the cross. The Work of Christ is complete, now you are completely forgiven.


This Life of Christ in you is not as complicated as religion has made it to be. This 5-minute video, ‘Present Yourself’ is key to unlocking the God potential in life, which He has ordained for us to walk in.