Destination of God, Harvest Christian Ministries-Bennington, VT.

As I entered the city of Bennington I heard in my mind from the Lord, “Bennington a destination place”. At first I didn’t really focus on it until I looked up the word destination, which defines as, “the purpose for which something is destined for”. Then it hit me. This city will no longer be a ‘passing thru’ town, but one which people will make it a destination. And that is why Harvest Christian Ministry with Pastor Linda is there. Bennington is a true place of refreshing of Gods Presence to receive clarity of purpose-Destination of God.

The gathering was a moment of hearts to receive a fresh touch and grace for individuals to enter the Throne Room Experience of Jesus outside of the four walls of church. We know objectively we are always in His experience but this season we are in will be as though we never had one. The Spirit of God will break off the demon of familiarity, which causes sleepiness on our journey with God. And the scriptures that are most familiar in Churches became will come alive again. The anointing was very tangible that by end of the night no one wanted to leave.

Hunger to run to Jesus face to face was ignited in our hearts. There’s no other satisfaction on earth than to be alone in His presence where He communes in us with no distraction. In His presence is fullness of Joy.

It was a great night of gathering.