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New Day The Church In High Point, NC

If there is a time that the Body of Christ needs today is Clear Discernment to make proper decisions. It is then our light will shine in great darkness for all to see and be drawn to your light. This gathering will be a powerful impartation to understand and receive.   Join Ed Kalnins for services…

Oasis Of Tampa Bay Church With Pastor Dan Eberly

God is moving strong in the Tampa Region. I sense Tampa is rising up for such a time as this. There are many people over the years pressing in and invading heaven with prayer that are effecting the region. Its been reported that crime has dropped in Tampa. Tampa, its time for more. Join Ed…

Days Of Glory

“Days of Glory”. What is before us now as believers has everything to do with God’s glory in you. Just knowing “Greater is He that is in you” will deepen you. Join Ed Kalnins in this morning service with sold out believers! Visit for more information.

New Day The Church At High Point

Walking out the fulness of His Presence, there are ways of Gods manifest presence comes upon you. I’ll show in the word what that looks like I love ministering in my home church in the Glory of God. I sense to impart the ability of the mystery of releasing Gods Glory in you. LET’S GET WRECKED…

New Day Church In Martinsville, VA

“Continue in His Glory”. The encounters of Gods presence is a continuos  life which brings each day like we’ve been born again for the first time. Romans 12:11 ‘never loose your fervency of Spirit’. I believe God is going to show up in a way that brings the fire of transformation. I will unpack what…

Discover The Manifest Presence Of God

Join me at New Day The Church At High Point for the “Discover The Manifest Presence Of God” through the morning services below…   July 3, 2016 at 9am & 10:45am Visit or call 336.883.8950 for more information.

Days of Refreshing Hope of His Presence

“Days of Refreshing Hope of His Presence”. This will be a moment where we come together in refreshing worship, refreshing connection and refreshing Glory. We are in a time in our nation to be a people of HOPE wherever we go. This is a time of continual awakening. This is a 3 day service beginning……

discover the manifest Presence of God

Join me at New Day The Church At High Point to “Discover The Manifest Presence Of God” teachings. Visit or call 336.883.8950 for more information.